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A numerical and experimental simulation of solar flares

Part of the research group 1048

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Welcome to FlareLab - Part of the research group 1048

What is FlareLab Project

Koronale Massenauswurf (CME)

A contribution of the basic understanding of magnetic activity of the sun surface is one of the main itentions of this project. Especially the phenomenon of the coronal mass ejection (CME) is under examination. An important role for this are playing magnetic flux ropes, which can storage magnetic energie, because they are twisted. This energy can be released eruptive, which could be oberved from the SOHO satellite.

At the FlareLab project we are creating and analysing magnetic flux tubes, in the experiment and in the simulation. This project is based on the work of J.F. Hansen and P.M. Bellan (2001). The solar models of T. Toeroek and B. Kliem (2003) and as well of V.S. Titov and P. Demoulin (1999) are used for interpretation.

What is the aim of FlareLab Project

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  • analysis of the criteria of an ejection
  • analysis of the experiment by means of magnetic field measurements and simulation
  • implementation of solar-like equilibria, for example from V.S. Titov und P. Demoulin (1999)
  • the effect of complex geometry

For any detailed information on experimental or theoretical works we provide some basic information on our site.

Current FlareLab group members

Henning Soltwisch, Philipp Kempkes, Felix Mackel, Holger Stein, Jan Tenfelde, Sascha Ridder

Rainer Grauer, Jürgen Dreher, Thomas Tacke